PYXIDA Institutional Repository
and Digital Library

Academic Repository

The extensive scientific, educational and research work produced by the Athens University of Economics and Business is gathered in the "Academic Repository". The collections of the repository include postgraduate theses, doctoral theses, research papers, reports from research programs and conference papers, undergraduate theses and educational material from all the AUEB schools and departments. The AUEB "Academic Repository" aims to offer to the academic and broader communities, using advanced electronic services and certified processes for the automated deposit of digital material, the eminent scientific and research knowledge that is produced by the University and is based on the guiding institutional values of excellence, innovation, extroversion, and social accountability.

Digital Collections of Economic and Social Sciences

Both old and rare material is also stored in the "Digital Collections of the Economic and Social Sciences", such as old textbooks and teaching manuals from the first decades of the twentieth century at the Athens School of Economics and Business. There are also rare monographs which were acquired by the AUEB Library, the oldest academic economic library in Greece. The digital collections include as well the "Economic and Social Sciences Archive" published by Professor D. Kalitsounakis. This journal has recognized historical value and is comprised of scientific articles with economic and social content from the fifty-year period of 1921 - 1971.

AUEB Historical Archive

Yearbooks, study guides and other information pamphlets and publications published by the Athens University of Economics and Business are stored as well in the "AUEB Historical Archive". The Historical Archive includes a part of the extensive archival and photographic material of the University. This material documents the development of the University and its varied scientific activity during the first 100 years of its history. In addition, it is the accumulated wealth of those 100 years, as the University stands at the beginning of its next one hundred years.