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Title :A hidden deterioration in equal pay achievements? the case of employee benefits during the Greek recession
Creator :Galanaki, Eleanna
Type :Text
Notes :Accepted for publication at Gender in Management: an International Journal on 19-02-2020.
Extent :48p.
Language :en
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Bibliographic Citation :Galanaki, E. "A hidden deterioration in equal pay achievements? The case of employee benefits during the Greek recession” Gender in Management: An International Journal. DOI: 10.1108/GM-09-2019-0150
Abstract :Purpose: Employee benefits, a critical element of total employee rewards, are important for both employers and employees. This article explores the utility of employee benefits for male and female employees during the recent economic recession. In doing so, it intends to highlight an indirect deterioration of employment arrangements and equality in the workplace. Design/methodology/approach: The paper draws on the findings of three repeated large-scale surveys during the Greek crisis (2012–2015, total N = 3498) Findings: Employees report that the availability of employee benefits has decreased during the recession and that women find more utility in them than men do. Additionally, women seem to be affected more than men by decreases in employee benefits allocation.Research implications: The present findings support calls for contingent employee reward allocation. Practical implications: Employers wishing to sustain their competitive advantage by fostering inclusion and diversity and/or employers with a high female employee ratio are encouraged to consider increasing their employee benefits portfolio.Social implications: The recent economic crisis and the subsequent recession have brought about several potential negative effects, in terms of the employment conditions for women. Decreased employee benefits are a hidden negative effect of the recession for female employees and it presents multiple, potential and unforeseen consequences for gender diversity and inclusion. Originality/utility: Presumably, this is the first study to address non-monetary employee remuneration under the lens of gender pay differentials. It does so in a turbulent macroeconomic setting.
Subject :Employee rewards
Employee benefits
Date Available :2020-02-21 15:56:10
Date Issued :2020
Date Submitted :2020-02-21 15:56:10
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