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Title :Can old dogs play new tricks in family firms?
Creator :Stavrou, Eleni
Galanaki, Eleanna
Publisher :Editions Benou
Type :Text
Extent :22p.
Language :en
Abstract :By combining the social exchange and stakeholder theories, we focus on employees older than 50 as a strategic resource in family firms. Specifically, we study the relationship between such employees and firm innovation and the potential moderating role of work-life balance practices. We find a negative relationship between the ratio of older workers and the level of firm innovation in both family and non-family firms. However, in family firms, the more work away from office is used, the stronger and positive the relationship between the level of firm innovation and the percentage of older employees is.
Subject :Innovation
Older employees
Work away from office
CRANET network
Date Issued :2020
Is Part Of :Τιμητικός τόμος καθηγήτριας Νάνσυ Παπαλεξανδρή: ανθολόγιο διοίκησης ανθρώπινου δυναμικού, οργανωσιακής συμπεριφοράς και διοίκησης επιχειρήσεων = Volume in honor of professor Nancy Papalexandris: an anthology on human resource management, organizational behavior and special issues in management
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