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Title :On societal culture and leadership in Greece
Creator :Skouras, Thanos
Publisher :Editions Benou
Type :Text
Extent :14p.
Language :en
Abstract :The GLOBE Study is the foremost international effort in the comparative study of societal cultures. Professor Nancy Papalexandris participated in GLOBE as the principal country-investigator for Greece and authored the chapter assessing the research findings, which relate to the GLOBE's nine fundamental dimensions of societal culture in the Greek context. Professor Papalexandris’ work constitutes a pioneering endeavor, given that Greek academics have shown on the whole remarkably little interest in the scientific study of the Greek character and societal culture. The present article is a critical commentary on her chapter, aiming to further the investigation of this foremost question for Greek society’s self-knowledge. In particular and most importantly, it points to the relative neglect and underestimation of an inflated ego in the interpretation of the research findings. A fitting interpretation requires that proper attention is given to the inflated ego, as this is a central trait of the Greek character largely accounting for the special nature of the Greek societal culture.
Subject :Societal culture
Greek character
Inflated ego
Date Issued :2020
Is Part Of :Τιμητικός τόμος καθηγήτριας Νάνσυ Παπαλεξανδρή: ανθολόγιο διοίκησης ανθρώπινου δυναμικού, οργανωσιακής συμπεριφοράς και διοίκησης επιχειρήσεων = Volume in honor of professor Nancy Papalexandris: an anthology on human resource management, organizational behavior and special issues in management
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