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Title :Security concerns around chatbots
Creator :Θάνου, Ευαγγελία
Contributor :Athnes University of Economics and Business, Department of Informatics (Degree granting institution)
Type :Text
Extent :105p.
Language :en
Abstract :Chatbots are becoming all the more famous, sweeping all before them in an increasingly connected and online world. The main reasons of experiencing such growth are two. The first one is their usefulness as an outcome of their automation and the second one is the fact that people –especially social network users- lately prefer the written word for fulfilling their obligations as well as talking to each other.Αs people become more comfortable interacting with machines online, chatbots will inevitably continue to dominate the online landscape. Thus as any new medium, they potentially expose new risks, such as new methods of Social Engineering attacks.This thesis explains why data privacy and security are concerning issues based on the rise of chatbots, inside the Social Engineering context. Beginning with the basic concepts of Social Engineering, it analyzes the stages of a Social Engineering attack and lists the Social Engineering attacks. The background for chatbots is provided afterwards, presenting their place in social networks, the ways they are used in today’s Information world and some examples of existing chatbots available online. The chatbots’ background is followed by the main assumption of this thesis, which is that chatbots can become a real security threat. In this context it refers to three potential scenarios of chatbot attacks and presents a potential dangerous chatbot for supporting this view, developed on the Facebook platform and having as an aim to deceive a Facebook user to appear like a friend in order to elicit personal data. This is followed by proposals for reducing the risk of each possible chatbot-attacking scenario, concluding that the key to protection from chatbots is the prevention of Social Engineering attacks.
Subject :Chatbots
Social Engineering attacks
Date :30-09-2017
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File: Thanou_2017.pdf

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