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1. Valuation of a shipping company
Author: Σκόνδρας, Κωνσταντίνος
2. Valuation of bank holding companies
Author: Μπερτσάτος, Γεώργιος
3. Valuation of fixed rate bonds and floating rate notes : a step by step approach in MATLAB
Author: Agrios, Vasileios
Date: 2014
4. Value at risk
Author: Assimo, Agelina
Date: 05-2002
5. Value at risk
Author: Μαραγιάννη, Κωνσταντίνα
Date: 04-2012
6. Value at risk
Author: Βεργίνης, Δημήτριος
Date: 04-2001
7. Value at risk : coherent properties within the class of elliptical distributions and estimation procedures
Author: Bourmpaki, Elli
Date: 04-2001
8. Value at Risk και μοντέλα ετεροσκεδαστικότητας
Author: Λιούτας, Απόστολος
Date: 04-2001
9. Value at risk: a quantitative approach
Author: Ασημακόπουλος, Παναγιώτης
Date: 12-2010
10. Value relevance of IFRS disclosures
Author: Γεωργούλης, Ιωάννης
Date: 12-2010
11. Value vs. Growth – Is the anomaly real?
Author: Φράγκου, Δημήτρης
Date: 30-06-2008
12. Variable selection in model-based clustering
Author: Paragioudaki, Katerina M., Παραγιουδάκη, Κατερίνα Μ.
Date: 08/30/2018
13. Variance asymptotics for regenerative systems
Author: Karamichalakou, Christina S.
Date: 1999
14. Variance estimation for the survey of income and living conditions, using replication methods
Author: Μητροπούλου, Ευσταθία Π., Mitropoulou, Efstathia P.
Date: 07/10/2018
15. Variance risk premium & ευκαιρίες στην αγορά δικαιωμάτων
Author: Ματσαγγάνης, Γιάννης
Date: 23-11-2015
16. Varieties of crisis and working conditions in Greece and Serbia
Author: Psychogios, Alexandros, Szamosi, Leslie T.
Date: 2020
17. Venture capital : διεθνής και Ελληνική εμπειρία
Author: Μιχαλόπουλος, Γεώργιος
Date: 2003
18. Vers un regime economique progressif par la democratie sociale
Author: Χουμανίδης, Λ.Θ.
Date: 1966
19. Vertical Relations in Oligopolistic Markets
Author: Μουστάκας, Αλέξανδρος
Date: 1966
20. Vingt Mille Lieues sous les mers
Author: Ματζουράνη, Ελένη, Αναστασόπουλος, Ιωάννης
Date: 10/17/2016
21. Volatility modelling in shipping freight markets
Author: Βολίκα, Κασσιανή
Date: 08/25/2016
22. Volatility modelling in shipping freight rates before and after the economic crisis of 2008
Author: Ρένεσης, Θεόδωρος
Date: 11/27/2018
23. Volatility spillover analysis between stock returns and exchange rate changes: The recovery from the two recent crises.
Author: Sakantanis, Stamatis
Date: 12-12-2014
24. Voluntary Management Forecasts: Implications on Financial Reporting Quality
Author: Chronopoulos, Panagiotis I.
Date: 12-12-2014
25. Vom ιερός γάμος
Author: Kerenyi, Karl
Date: 1971
26. Von der materialistischen zur realistischen Geschichtsauffassung
Author: Giner, Romed
Date: 1955
27. Voting coherence and oral cohesion: the European Union in the United Nations
Author: Stavropoulou, Chrysoula C.
Date: 2018
28. Vulnerability detection techniques
Author: Δαυίδ, Άγγελος, David, Angelos
Date: 28-02-2020

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