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1. Undergraduate studies handbook: 1991
Date: 1991
2. Undergraduate study guide: 1994-1995
Date: 09-1994
3. Undergraduate study guide: 1996 -1997
Author: -,
Date: 09-1996
4. Underpricing in initial public offerings : evidence from the U.S
Author: Filippoupolitis, Avgoustinos
Date: 07-2013
5. Underpricing in U.S. IPOs during crisis
Author: Zarri, Eleni
Date: 2017
6. UNESCO and the preservation of world heritage: the structure, the challenges, the synergies and the performance
Author: Κανάκη, Αλεξάνδρα, Kanaki, Alexandra
Date: 2020
7. Unfavourable trade balance of Cyprus: cause-effect- remedy
Author: Hadjisotiriou, Sotos E.
Date: 1954
8. Use of official statistics and compilation of performance indices as a tool of economic policy: the case of Greek manufacturing sector
Author: Chalikias, John
Date: 2020
9. User experience with portable IT artefacts: affective attributes of tablets and their role in sensemaking
Author: Zamani, Efpraxia D.
Date: 2014
10. Using a choice experiment to estimate the benefits generated from the revision of water management in Rokua esker, Finland : analysis of the pilot survey
Author: Kougea, Evgenia-Vasiliki
Date: 29-06-2011
11. Using a multinomial logit model to evaluate the demand for for pharmaceutical drugs in the Greek market
Author: Λυκουρίνα, Άννα Ι.
Date: 06-2012
12. Using choice experiment for wetland management valuation and public preferences investigation : the case of przemsza wetland in Poland
Author: Γιαννακίδης, Χαρίλαος
Date: 2007
13. Using clustering to aid text classiffcation of single-labelled datasets
Author: Kyriakopoulou, Antonia
Date: 2007
14. Using data mining to support marketing business analysis in traditional and internet retailing
Author: Prassas, George
Date: 02-2001
15. Using predictive text for grammatical error correction in second language learning
Author: Κορρέ, Αικατερίνη, Korre, Ekaterini
Date: 20-11-2020
16. Using put option for hedging the risk of portfolio
Author: Kokas, Sotirios
Date: 20-11-2020
17. Using sampling techniques to estimate the de jure population of Greece and apportion parliament seats among electoral districts
Author: Michalakopoulos, Vasilis
Date: 06-2003
18. Using sentence embeddings for the management of user-generated training phrases in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) service
Author: Ταμβάκης, Απόστολος, Tamvakis, Apostolos
Date: 06-2003
19. Using statistical process control for the evaluation of education process
Author: Speleta, Effrosyni
Date: 22-06-2013
20. Using the term structure to forecast the future inflation
Author: Giogakis, Andreas
Date: 22-06-2013
21. Utility indifference pricing : application on weather derivatives
Author: Papanikolaou, Zoi G.
Date: 05-2011
22. Utilization of online customer reviews to identify latent dimensions of customer satisfaction and predict customer recommendation intentions: the case of Greek airline industry
Author: Chatzis, Georgios
Date: 2021
23. Utilizing the distance to default index for credit risk analysis within the shipping industry
Author: Kozatzanidou Styliani, Κοζατζανίδου, Στυλιανή
Date: 10-12-2019

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