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121. The effect of environmental performance on financial performance: evidence from US-listed shipping firms
Author: Καρντάσης, Νικόλαος, Μετζάκης, Δημήτριος
Date: 01/21/2022
122. The effect of EU EmissionsTrading Scheme (EU ETS) on firms' default risk
Author: Tsikouridi, Athina, Τσικουρίδη, Αθηνά
Date: 01/21/2022
123. The effect of good and bad news on tourism business shareholders: a time series analysis
Author: Pandi, Despoina-Styliani, Πανδή, Δέσποινα-Στυλιανή
Date: 04-10-2022
124. The effect of government ideology on social economic policy
Author: Adamopoulou, Ioanna, Αδαμοπούλου, Ιωάννα
Date: 2022
125. The effect of green shipping to the shipping companies performance
Author: Χατζηπαναγιώτου, Ηλίας, Choumpas, Marios
Date: 30-11-2022
126. The effect of hedging on firm value: evidence from Greece
Author: Τράμπας, Δημήτριος, Trampas, Dimitrios
Date: 12/23/2021
127. The effect of horizontals mergers on innovation
Author: Πρίγκουρης, Παναγιώτης-Νικόλαος, Prigkouris, Panagiotis-Nikolaos
Date: 11-03-2024
128. The effect of humor in advertising: how humorous messages affect consumer behavior in the Greek market
Author: Γιαννάκη, Ελισάβετ, Yiannakis, Elissavet
Date: 2023
129. The effect of internal marketing on customer satisfaction: a systematic literature review
Author: Σακελλαριάδη, Βασιλική, Sakellariadi, Vasiliki
Date: 24-02-2020
130. The effect of Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanisms on investor confidence: empirical evidence from the Transpacific Partnership’s Tobacco negotiations
Author: Papaefthymiou, Argyrios I.
Date: 24-02-2020
131. The effect of lease data in accounting numbers: empirical evidence from Greece
Author: Καραντζούλης, Θεόδωρος
Date: 09-2005
132. The effect of lease financing on a shipping company's cost of debt
Author: Barmperi, Athina, Krontira, Angeliki
Date: 2021
133. The effect of M&As on the shareholder wealth of US banks
Author: Γαστεράτος, Κωνσταντίνος, Gasteratos, Konstantinos
Date: 31-10-2023
134. The effect of political ideology on consumer behavior: a systematic literature review using the TCCM framework
Author: Αναστάση, Αικατερίνη, Anastasi, Aikaterini
Date: 04-04-2023
135. The effect of psychological factors on online self-presentation: a systematic literature review
Author: Μηλιώνης, Αλέξανδρος, Milionis, Alexandros D.
Date: 04-04-2023
136. The effect of team identification on brand equity and media use
Author: Sarris, Angelos, Σαρρής, Άγγελος
Date: 2020
137. The effect of the IMO low sulfur policy on shipping freight rates
Author: Tsarouchi, Anastasia, Myrisklavou, Maria
Date: 05-11-2023
138. The effect of the macro-finance environment on mutual funds during the global financial crisis. How have mutual funds recovered over the years and how has COVID-19 affected them?
Author: Mylonakis, Andreas, Μυλωνάκης, Ανδρέας
Date: 20-07-2022
139. The effect of trust in the EU economic growth, through microenterprises
Author: Καλογερά, Αικατερίνη, Kalogera, Aikaterini
Date: 31-08-2022
140. The effect of working capital management on firm
Author: Osei, Michael-Bonsu
Date: 08-04-2024
141. The Effect of Working Capital Management on Firm
Author: Osei, Michael Bonsu
Date: 04/08/2024
142. The effectiveness of chartering strategies on shipping returns
Author: Lubat, Charlie, Kordalis, George
Date: 30-10-2022
143. The effectiveness of product placement in movies: the case of Coca-Cola
Author: Κρητικού, Ευαγγελία-Μαρία, Kritikou, Evangelia-Maria
Date: 30-10-2022
144. The effects of a consumer subsidy on the fuel market: evidence from Greece
Author: Κουτσόπουλος, Αργύριος, Koutsopoulos, Argyrios
Date: 31-03-2023
145. The effects of economic policy uncertainty on tanker shipping freight rates
Author: Germanos, Konstantinos, Γερμανός, Κωνσταντίνος
Date: 2020
146. The effects of Fiscal Policy on Current Accounts
Author: Kannavos, Sotirios
Date: 2020
147. The effects of geopolitical risk and economic policy uncertainty on oil shipping freight rates. A route-based and TC analysis
Author: Katsenou, Thaleia-Eirini, Baikousi, Alexandra
Date: 30-11-2022
148. The effects of IFRS on investment decisions
Author: Kapellas, Konstantinos A., Καπέλλας, Κωνσταντίνος Α.
Date: 07-03-2018
149. The effects of M&As on acquirer's pre and post company performance
Author: Αντωνόπουλος, Νικόλαος, Antonopoulos, Nikolaos
Date: 25-02-2022
150. The effects of monetary policy in corporate finance
Author: Φιλιππόπουλος, Σεραφείμ
Date: 02/24/2022
151. The effects of taxation on business
Author: Zervas, John
Date: 1955
152. The effects of the accounting standards on financial reporting quality
Author: Χατζάτογλου, Χρήστος
Date: 23-11-2015
153. The effects of the ECB monetary policy on the market rates, the bank lending channel and the systemic and non-systemic risk of the financial institutions during the recent financial crisis in the Eurozone
Author: Galani, Mardikoula, Γαλάνη, Μαρδικούλα
Date: 09/26/2019
154. The effects of the sovereign bond in the banking activity: the case of Greece
Author: Kallergi, Panagiota-Foteini
Date: 09/26/2019
155. The effects of uncertainty on growth
Author: Δημητριάδη, Αλεξάνδρα
Date: 22-12-2017
156. The effects of unconventional monetary policy on the real economy
Author: Eleftheriou, Ioannis
Date: 05/31/2018
157. The efficacy of livestreaming marketing on building customer trust: a study of Chinese consumers
Author: Di, Cao
Date: 15-03-2024
158. The employment effects of minimum wages during the Great Recession and the subsequent recovery: evidence from 17 EU Member States
Author: Filippopoulos, Nikolaos
Date: 2018
159. The energy stock market in Greece according to the European target model
Author: Γκιώνης, Στέφανος, Gkionis, Stefanos
Date: 28-02-2023
160. The Euro-Mediterranean partnership and its impact on the Greek trade balance
Author: Barmpa, Olga
Date: 31-05-2018

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