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1281. Labour markets in Africa : the case of Ethiopia
Author: Σαλονίκη, Ειρήνη - Χριστίνα
Date: 10-2010
1282. Latent Variable Models with Ordinal Data: a comparison among the Classical Factor Analysis Model, the Underlying Variable Approach and the Item Response Theory
Author: Καρδερίνης, Παναγιώτης, Karderinis, Panagiotis
Date: 10-2010
1283. Le caractere inadequat du marche
Author: Papaioannou, Th. Ep.
Date: 1960
1284. Le corps enseignant
Author: Papaioannou, Th. Ep.
Date: [1965]
1285. Le dollar (1785-1969)
Author: Mosse, Robert
Date: 1971
1286. Le probleme democraphique mondial
Author: Καλφιώτης, Σταύρος
Date: 1968
1287. Le relevement economique de la Grece
Author: Tsouderos, E. J.
Date: 1920
1288. Le role des banques dans le developpement economique de la Grece
Author: Argyros, Aristophanis
Date: 1965
1289. Leadership for team coaches
Author: Δούσκας, Ιωάννης Δ.
Date: 11-2005
1290. Leadership in the digital era: learning from the past and challenges for the future
Author: Prastacos, Gregory P.
Date: 2020
1291. Learning optimization algorithms with neural networks
Author: Kostagiolas, Nikolaos Stefanos, Κωσταγιόλας, Νικόλαος Στέφανος
Date: 01/16/2019
1292. Leasing vs debt : υποκατάστατα ή συμπληρωματικά; Η περίπτωση της Ελλάδας
Author: Γιαννίδης, Χρήστος
Date: 07-2012
1293. Leasing και επιδράσεις του στην οικονομία
Author: Παπαδέλλη, Αναστασία
Date: 07-2012
1294. Les authorités de l' école Année Academique 1964-1965
Author: Παπαδέλλη, Αναστασία
Date: [1965]
1295. Les autorités universitaires
Author: Παπαδέλλη, Αναστασία
Date: 1956
1296. Les banques populaires agricoles: etude monographique sur la caisse rurale de Willaupuis
Author: Malherbe, Georges
Date: 1902
1297. Les betiments de l' école des Sciences économiques et Commerciales d' Athènes
Author: Malherbe, Georges
Date: 1956
1298. Les Comptes Nationaux
Author: Δερτιλής, Π.Β.
Date: 1956
1299. Les etats Balkaniques: etude comparee politique, sociale, economique et financiere
Author: Evelpidi, C.
Date: 1930
1300. Les finances de l'empire Japonais et leur evolution (1868 -1931)
Author: Andreades, Andre
Date: 1932
1301. Les finances publiques des etats Balkaniques: extrait de la revue "Les Balkans"
Author: Angelopoulos, Angelos
Date: 1932
1302. Les mesures fiscales susceptibles de faciliter les mouvements internationaux des capitaux
Author: Δερτιλής, Π.Β.
Date: 1954
1303. Les mouvements de longue duree
Author: Papaioannou, Th. Ep.
Date: 1958
1304. Les previsions conjoncturelles des chefs denterpise
Author: Guitton, Henri
Date: 1971
1305. Les prodromes de leveil de lindustrie lourde dans loccident europeen au XVI siecle
Author: Besnier, R.
Date: 1963
1306. Leverage and return on equity targeting in the euro area banking system
Author: Καρακατσάνη, Ελένη
Date: 10-2011
1307. Leverage cycles, the profound impact of the global financial crisis on the Greek banking system and the new Basel III regulatory framework aiming at the consolidation of the global financial sector
Author: Γκατζούφας, Αναστάσιος
Date: 01-2012
1308. Liberalization and income inequality: an empirical analysis in a panel of 84 countries
Author: Karagiannis, Iraklis, Καραγιάννης, Ηρακλής
Date: 02/01/2019
1309. Life insurance demand determinants for the case of Greece, a VECM approach
Author: Ntoulias, Ioannis
Date: 04/15/2019
1310. Linear and non linear dimensionality reduction for distributed knowledge discovery
Author: Magdalinos, Panagis
Date: 04/15/2019
1311. Linear static and dynamic panel data models
Author: Fragiadakis, Dimitrios
Date: 01-2015
1312. Liquidity premia in the cross-section of corporate bonds
Author: Chatziioannou, Christina
Date: 02-12-2013
1313. Liquidity risk and european stock performance during the covid-19 pandemic
Author: Παπαδημητρίου, Ευδοκία, Papadimitriou, Evdokia
Date: 20-12-2020
1314. Liquidity stress-testing : an empirical assessment of Greek banking sector
Author: Fragkou, Stamatoula
Date: 07-2014
1315. Liquidity: international and domestic
Author: Machlup, Fritz
Date: 1964
1316. Living and leading consciously: a road map for moving from toxic to virtuous leadership
Author: Singh, P., Bhandarker, Asha
Date: 2020
1317. Load balancing of Apache Kafka distributed streaming system using reinforcement learning techniques
Author: Trogkani, Panagiota, Τρογκάνη, Παναγιώτα
Date: 2021
1318. Loan loss provision use: investigating the shift from earnings management to credit risk management
Author: Gianneli, Athanasia, Γιαννέλη, Αθανασία
Date: 11/14/2021
1319. Loan risk assessment from Greek legal reports
Author: Kekkis, Georgios
Date: 2021
1320. Local search algorithms for the pickup and delivery problem with cross-docking
Author: Fidanis, Ioannis
Date: 2021

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