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81. The determinants of NBA player salaries: a regression analysis
Author: Margonis, Andreas
82. The determinants of new investments in vessels: an analysis across shipping segments
Author: Ζήση, Κωνσταντίνα, Moraiti, Christina
Date: 12/14/2021
83. The determinants of port accidents. Vessel inspections as a means of compliance with international regulations
Author: Σταματίκου, Ιωάννα, Stamatikou, Ioanna
Date: 30-10-2020
84. The determinants of second-hand capesize vessel prices: a time series analysis
Author: Σαραντοπούλου, Μαρία, Sarantopoulou, Maria
Date: 30-11-2022
85. The determinants of second-hand tanker vessel prices - A panel data analysis
Author: Ropos, Thomas, Petrakaki, Maria
Date: 11/25/2021
86. The determinants of shipping bonds spreads in the post crisis period (2010-2020)
Author: Αγοροπούλου, Μαριάνθη, Agoropoulou, Marianthi
Date: 08-12-2020
87. The determinants of tanker vessels demolitions
Author: Pantoula, Evangelia-Eirini, Englezou, Ioanna
Date: 31-10-2022
88. The determinants of the CDS - bond basis
Author: Παπαδόπουλος, Ιορδάνης
Date: 23-07-2012
89. The determinants of the probability of default of shipping firms
Author: Γιαννουκάκου, Χρυσούλα, Φούκη, Παναγιώτα
Date: 01/21/2022
90. The determining factors of the dry bulk and tanker market freight rates
Author: Μαγάμες, Ειρήνη
Date: 12-2014
91. The development of nascent entrepreneurial ventures in the context of innovation ecosystems: an activity theory approach to study contradictions and congruencies
Author: Μπαλούτσος, Ευστράτιος, Baloutsos, Stratos
Date: 03-11-2022
92. The development of peripheral regions of Southern Europe: The case of Greece
Author: Chiotis, George P.
Date: 1984
93. The differential effect of M&As on corporate performance: evidence from Eurozone
Author: Gkikopoulos, Spyridon
Date: 1984
94. The differential implications of supply and demand for commodity correlation
Author: Κώτσι, Αλεξάντερ, Kotsi, Alexander
Date: 30-09-2023
95. The diversification benefits of alternative asset classes
Author: Mitsogianni, Evangelia, Μητσογιάννη, Ευαγγελία
Date: 28-02-2020
96. The diversification benefits of alternative asset classes
Author: Δαμιανίδου, Ελευθερία-Μαργαρίτα
Date: 10/20/2021
97. The diversification benefits of sovereign bond portfolios, an application to the U.S. stock market
Author: Giorgalou, Maria, Γιώργαλου, Μαρία
Date: 03/16/2022
98. The Dot-com bubble in the US and the Athens stock exchange bubble in Greece in 2000
Author: Πατρικουσάκη, Ιωάννα - Ελεονώρα
Date: 2014
99. The double half-normal distribution and its extensions
Author: Papadopoulos, Alecos
Date: 2015
100. The driving forces of the greek great depression
Author: Papageorgiou, Dimitris, Philippopoulos, Apostolis
Date: 03/13/2017
101. The dynamics of project evaluation optimum timing of projects under certainty
Author: Κιντής, Ανδρέας
Date: 1984
102. The economic adjustment programmes for Ireland and Spain: the impact in financial sector and the role of EU institutions
Author: Μεκερίδης, Δημήτριος
Date: 10/19/2021
103. The economic design of Statistical Quality Control charts: a review for the period 1999-2008
Author: Τομαρά, Κρυσταλλία-Ευαγγελία, Tomara, Krystallia-Evangelia
Date: 10/19/2021
104. The economic effects of the increases in energy prices over recent years
Author: Vasilakou, Evangelia, Βασιλάκου, Ευαγγελία
Date: 30-09-2023
105. The economic theory of the austrian school
Author: Anagnos, Nicholas C.
Date: 1965
106. The economics of Antoine Augustin Cournot (1801-1877)
Author: Anagnos, Nicholas C.
Date: 1971
107. The economics of global warming: a critical assessment
Author: Vlachou, Andriana
Date: 30/11/2000
108. The economics of happiness: a machine learning approach
Author: Gavrill, Nikolaos, Γαβριήλ, Νικόλαος
Date: 03/28/2018
109. The EEC common agricultural policy and Greece:The experience of the first year
Author: Georgakopoulos, Theodore A., Paschos, Panagiotis G.
Date: 1984
110. The effect of analytics on sports' industry
Author: Papadomarkakis, Georgios, Παπαδομαρκάκης, Γεώργιος
Date: 2022
111. The effect of cause-related advertising on consumer behaviour: evidence from retail sector in Greece
Author: Zachmanoglou, Kyrillos-Vasileios, Ζαχμάνογλου, Κύριλλος-Βασίλειος
Date: 2021
112. The effect of CO2 emissions on the spot rate in bulk shipping
Author: Στούμπος, Χαράλαμπος, Sundær, Kjetil
Date: 30-11-2022
113. The effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on consumer
Author: Λάβης, Μιχαήλ-Δημήτριος, Lavis, Michael-Dimitrios
Date: 21-03-2023
114. The effect of COVID-19 on corporate valuation
Author: Καρτάλης, Ιωάννης, Kartalis, Ioannis
Date: 14-11-2022
115. The effect of COVID-19 on the Greek banking system and specifically on the NPL/NPE problem
Author: Λίκας, Κωνσταντίνος
Date: 02/10/2021
116. The effect of dividend payout ratio on the valuation model choice by financial analysts
Author: Βασιλειάδης, Χρήστος, Vasileiadis, Christos
Date: 12/29/2020
117. The effect of ECB monetary policy after the financial crisis of 2008
Author: Kontogoni, Elena
Date: 01/31/2019
118. The effect of economic growth on insurance growth: evidence from a panel of 11 OECD countries
Author: Κιμπουρόπουλος, Παναγιώτης, Kimpouropoulos, Panagiotis
Date: 30-10-2023
119. The effect of EEXI regulation to the dynamics of bulk shipping market
Author: Νικολαΐδης, Μιχαήλ, Nikolaidis, Michail
Date: 05-11-2023
120. The effect of emotional intelligence on conflict management under conditions of psychological stress in the workplace
Author: Μπασδέκης, Δημήτριος, Basdekis, Dimitrios
Date: 02-04-2024

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