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81. Investigating the Quality Function of the Department of Economics of Athens University of Economics and Business
Author: Skondra, Paraskevi
82. Investigating the role of brand experience in developing effective sensory marketing strategies
Author: Μανδύλη, Κυριακή
Date: 04/03/2019
83. Investigation of the credit default swap spreads and asset swap spreads behaviour in the long - run
Author: Παπαλέκας, Παντελής
Date: 10-2005
84. Investigation of the relationship of the Shipowner’s sentiment and the volatility of freight rates in the bulk sector and the development of a quantitative model for predicting freight rates
Author: Digalaki, Theodosia, Lappa, Anastasia
Date: 10-2005
85. Investigation on how Disney princesses influence Greek young women purchases and personal life preferences
Author: Leventakopoulou, Zoi, Λεβεντακοπούλου, Ζωή
Date: 13-03-2020
86. Investment behavior in Greek industry
Author: Albach, Horst
Date: 1971
87. Investment strategies on French’s 49 industry portfolios
Author: Nakas, Efthymios
Date: 1971
88. Investment strategy: quality minus junk stocks
Author: Ευστρατίου, Άννα
Date: 07-2014
89. Investments cycles in the shipping industry and their relation to commodity and trade volume forecasts
Author: Efstathiou, Nikolaos
Date: 07-2014
90. IPO performance of Greek shipping firms in U.S stock exchanges
Author: Apostolopoulou, Sofia, Samaras, Marios
Date: 10/30/2018
91. Irrational : It Takes One to Know One; a Study on Rationality Hypotheses in Game Theory
Author: Chardouveli, Polyxeni
Date: 2014
92. Irving Fisher: 1867-1947
Author: Καλιτσουνάκης, Δημήτριος
Date: 1946
93. Is Personal Branding pushing the epistemological boundaries of marketing?
Author: Zarkada, Anna K.
Date: 2014
94. Issues in public policy
Author: Iosifidi, Maria
Date: 2014
95. Issues of monetary policy making in a monetary union
Author: Skotida, Ifigeneia
Date: 10-2009

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