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1121. Exploring the relationship between ESG performance, profitability of companies, and investors' potential of premium: a machine learning analysis in the US market
Author: Georgiou, Marina, Γεωργίου, Μαρίνα
Date: 12-07-2023
1122. Exploring the relationship between inflation and container freight rates
Author: Μόκα, Ειρήνη, Moka, Eirini
Date: 28-11-2023
1123. Exploring the relationship between investor sentiment and stock returns: evidence from the European Union markets
Author: Anastasiadi, Marilena, Αναστασιάδη, Μαριλένα
Date: 2023
1124. Exploring the relationship between the S&P 500 index options prices and past stock market momentum
Author: Ευθυμιόπουλος, Στέφανος, Efthymiopoulos, Stefanos
Date: 10/31/2021
1125. Exploring the role of design aesthetics in user experience of e-banking services: a cross-generational investigation
Author: Σταματοπούλου, Χριστίνα, Stamatopoulou, Christina
Date: 30-03-2023
1126. Exploring uni-modal, multi-modal and few-shot deep learning methods for diagnostic captioning
Author: Καλιόσης, Παναγιώτης, Kaliosis, Panagiotis
Date: 30-11-2023
1127. Exponential distribution
Author: Stratigos, Grigorios Alexandros
Date: 2015
1128. Export-competiveness, an analysis with Greek export activity
Author: Nikoloudakis, Leonidas
Date: 2015
1129. Extending a Data Integration tool with Ontologies
Author: Fotopoulos, Eleftherios
Date: 2015
1130. Extending maintainability analysis beyond code smells
Author: Tushar, Sharma
Date: 02-05-2019
1131. Exterme value theory for dependent sequences: investing the average cluster size for a Greek stock index
Author: Kallias, George E.
Date: 10-2003
1132. Extrapolating survival curves with applications in health economics
Author: Γαλανάκης, Μιχάλης, Galanakis, Michalis
Date: 15-09-2023
1133. Extreme catastrophic events, valuation of the relevant risks and reserving process under the SOLVENCY ΙI framework for insurance companies
Author: Τσίρμπα, Δήμητρα, Tsirmpa, Dimitra E.
Date: 2021
1134. Eικόνας της μάρκας Ancho Mexican Gril
Author: Νικολοπούλου, Μαρία
Date: 2023
1135. Eμπειρικός έλεγχος του CAPM στην Ελλάδα
Author: Αρβίθας, Ιωάννης
Date: 2023
1136. Eνεργειακή ασφάλεια στην ΕΕ: ενεργειακή πολιτική και εναλλακτικές στρατηγικές
Author: Μιχαλίτση, Δάφνη
Date: 2023
1137. Eξυπηρέτηση πελατών σε βιομηχανικές (B2B) αγορές: μελέτη περίπτωσης της ΚΟΜΙΝΗΣ ΚΩΝ/ΝΟΣ & ΣΙΑ ΟΕ
Author: Κομίνη, Μυρτώ-Σωτηρία
Date: 02-10-2021
1138. Eπιχειρηματική αναλυτική: οπτική αναλυτική στη διαδικασία λήψης αποφάσεων
Author: Μπαζιώτη, Μαρία
Date: 01/29/2020
1139. Eπιχειρησιακές προβλέψεις - μελέτη περίπτωσης στο Πολεμικό Ναυτικό
Author: Αυγέρης, Δημήτριος
Date: 2021
1140. Eπιχειρησιακή στρατηγική και δεδουλευμένο μέρος των κερδών (accruals) για την περίοδο 2008-2019
Author: Μπούρχα, Κωνσταντίνα-Μαρία
Date: 2021
1141. Eρευνητικές συνεργασίες & τεχνολογική πολιτική
Author: Αναγνώστου, Ηλιάνα
Date: 2021
1142. Facebook marketing persona για την εταιρεία Kalamata Papadimitriou
Author: Μποντιώτη, Σωτηρία
Date: 01-07-2020
1143. Fachableilungen
Author: Μποντιώτη, Σωτηρία
Date: [1965]
1144. Facility location problem based on usage and maintenance data
Author: Αυγερινός, Ιωάννης, Avgerinos, Ioannis
Date: 2019
1145. Fact checking science journalism
Author: Καλλαράς Χρήστος, Kallaras, Christos
Date: 31-03-2023
1146. Factor analysis for daily diary PRO data: data handling decisions and their implications
Author: Ντούμι, Γεράσιμος, Dumi, Gerasimos
Date: 04-12-2023
1147. Factor models and their state in literature
Author: Γεωργουλοπούλου, Μαγδαληνή, Georgoulopoulou, Magdalini
Date: 31-08-2023
1148. Factors affecting consumer attitudes and behavioral intentions toward mobile instant messaging app advertising
Author: Ζουρνατζή, Θωμαϊς, Zournatzi, Thomais
Date: 07/04/2022
1149. Factors affecting customers' satisfaction during the COVID-19 pandemic in Greek online retailing
Author: Kasimati, Georgia-Myrto
Date: 07/14/2021
1150. Factors affecting net interest margin in the Greek banking sector
Author: Αγαπητού, Βασιλική
Date: 10-2006
1151. Factors affecting poverty in Greece
Author: Mamfredas, Nikolaos D.
Date: 03-2007
1152. Factors influencing consumers purchasing patterns between generic and brand name over-the-counter drugs in Greece
Author: Δήμα-Ευθυμίου, Αικατερίνη, Dima-Efthymiou, Aikaterini
Date: 16-01-2024
1153. Factors that influence consumers' attitudes and behavioral intentions towards functional foods: an analysis of consumer-related, product-related, and promotional source-related attributes
Author: Κουντούρη, Αικατερίνη-Ελένη, Kountouri, Aikaterini-Eleni
Date: 2021
1154. Factors that influence customer engagement in omnichannel environment in Greece
Author: Myftaraj, Denada, Μυφταράι, Ντενάντα
Date: 05/24/2021
1155. Facts and fictions about the cost of Greek banks capital : a reasoned approach to WACC calculation
Author: Katseli, Magdalini
Date: 02-2015
1156. Fair value accounting and the global financial crisis: the case of Greece
Author: Κούρτη, Αδαμαντίνη
Date: 02-2015
1157. Fake news: κανονιστικό πλαίσιο, τρόποι ανίχνευσης και αντιμετώπισης
Author: Σκανδαλάκη, Μαρία-Βικτωρία
Date: 12/21/2020
1158. Fan lag analysis: predicting fan attendance across time with a combined binary classification and survival analysis model
Author: Kokkinopoulos-Morales, Konstantinos, Κοκκινόπουλος-Μοράλες, Κωνσταντίνος
Date: 10/10/2019
1159. Fast and efficient predictions in Big Data systems
Author: Μαρούλης, Ευστάθιος, Maroulis, Stathis
Date: 13-12-2023
1160. Fast Bayesian feature selection for high-dimensional data using mixtures of g-priors
Author: Κορωνιάδης, Κωνσταντίνος, Koroniadis, Konstantinos
Date: 13-12-2023

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