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1121. Industry return predictability via machine learning
Author: Stamatopoulos, Charis, Σταματόπουλος, Χάρης
Date: 2021
1122. Inequality and growth
Author: Παρθενίου, Ανδρομάχη
Date: 2021
1123. Inequality as a race between education, technology and globalization
Author: Flerianou, Anastasia-Maria, Φλεριανού, Αναστασία-Μαρία
Date: 03/04/2022
1124. Influencer marketing και επιδράσεις στην προσήλωση των καταναλωτών στα επώνυμα προϊόντα
Author: Καστανάκη, Ειρήνη
Date: 30-09-2020
1125. Influencers: υπερέκθεση και οι διαστάσεις της στην ψυχολογία των χρηστών
Author: Ράπτη, Γεωργία
Date: 2021
1126. Influenza rates among different age groups in the federal states of Germany - a statistical analysis
Author: Ζιώγα, Δήμητρα, Zioga, Dimitra
Date: 2018
1127. Information and digital technologies of Industry 4.0: implications on supply chain
Author: Σκούφη, Μαρία
Date: 02/09/2021
1128. Information Security Framework & GDPR complianceIn Insurance Sector
Author: Σωτήρχου, Μαρία
Date: 02/09/2021
1129. Information Technology (IT) project investments evaluation: a real options perspective
Author: Dimakopoulou, Andriana G.
Date: 09/16/2013
1130. Informational and Trading Cost Components in the Credit Risk Markets
Author: Vlachogiannakis, Nikolaos E.
Date: 09/16/2013
1131. Informational flow between spot & derivative markets
Author: ΡεΪση, Μαρία
Date: 12-2006
1132. Innovation and optimal patent policy
Author: Γεωργίου, Γεώργιος, Georgiou, Georgios
Date: 03/19/2022
1133. Innovation in shipping: effects on freight rates in the tanker market
Author: Sgourou, Carolina, Iosifelli, Christina
Date: 2021
1134. Insider trading in stock markets
Author: Κιούση, Ελένη
Date: 01-2006
1135. Insider trading: an empirical analysis of stock market reaction around the debt issues in Athens Stock exchange and London stock exchange
Author: Λιούτας, Νικόλαος
Date: 09-2006
1136. Insurance applications of statistics: tariff clasification in auto insurance
Author: Apostolakis, Nikolaos E.
Date: 1997
1137. Integrated methods and systems for optimization and decision support
Author: Plitsos, Stathis
Date: 30-09-2017
1138. Integrating domain-specific languages with general-purpose languages
Author: Karakoidas, Vassilios, Καρακόιδας, Βασίλειος
Date: 13-09-2018
1139. Integrating physical & web shopping environments: the interplay of Omnichannel retailing & store atmosphere on consumer behaviour in social-local-mobile settings
Author: Lazaris, Chris
Date: 31-05-2018
1140. Intended & perceived HRM: η μελέτη του αεροπορικού κλάδου στην Ελλάδα με έμφαση στο τι σχεδιάζεται και τι γίνεται αντιληπτό
Author: Οικονομοπούλου, Ιωάννα
Date: 03/22/2022
1141. Intent classification of dialogues and dialogue turns
Author: Ζιαζόπουλος, Παντελεήμων, Ziazopoulos, Panteleimon
Date: 25-11-2020
1142. Interaction between the organizational context and ICT interventions: evidence from a public organization in Greece
Author: Chaniotaki, Eleni, Χανιωτάκη, Ελένη
Date: 2020
1143. Interdependence and causal relationships between green bond indices and conventional bond and equity indices
Author: Manti, Vasiliki-Paraskevi, Μάντη, Βασιλική-Παρασκευή
Date: 2022
1144. Interdependencies and congestion delays in the US aviation network and the COVID-19 era
Author: Mitromaras, Ioannis-Rafail, Μητρομάρας, Ιωάννης-Ραφαήλ
Date: 07/08/2022
1145. Interest rate models and pricing of financial assets
Author: Ψαραδέλλης, Ιωάννης
Date: 06-2011
1146. Interest rate swap : evaluation and uses
Author: Βαρετίδης, Ευστράτιος
Date: 09-1998
1147. International arbitration amongst the Greeks
Author: Niebuhr, Marcus Tod
Date: 1913
1148. International expansion of small and medium‐sized enterprises: a strategic decision‐making approach
Author: Sofikitis, Emmanouil, Σοφικίτης, Εμμανουήλ
Date: 2022
1149. International migration, income taxes, public input, remittances and the welfare state
Author: KaravitisPanagiotis, I.
Date: 2022
1150. International portfolio management
Author: Tsolakis, Vasileios, Τσολάκης, Βασίλειος
Date: 03/28/2022
1151. International Portfolio Management with Options Using CVaR Model
Author: Papavassileiou, Ellie
Date: 03/28/2022
1152. International portfolio management with the use of derivatives
Author: Ρήγας, Ιωάννης
Date: 03/28/2022
1153. International trade, natural resources, and the environment
Author: Θεοδώρου, Απόστολος
Date: 03/28/2022
1154. International trade: strategies and policies
Author: Papadopoulou, Evangelia
Date: 03/28/2022
1155. Internet of things : εφαρμογή σε έξυπνες πόλεις
Author: Μπούρα, Αικατερίνη
Date: 02-2015
1156. Internet of Things gateway access control
Author: Πλαστράς, Στέφανος, Plastras, Stefanos
Date: 06-11-2020
1157. Internet of Things: Constrained Application Protocol over Information-Centric Networking
Author: Μπενέκος, Σπυρίδων, Γκρέμος, Βασίλειος
Date: 06-11-2020
1158. Internet of Things: the Smart Home
Author: Χρονοπούλου, Αναστασία
Date: 06-11-2020
1159. Internet of Things: εφαρμογές, μελλοντικές εξελίξεις και επιπτώσεις
Author: Καράπτης, Ηλίας
Date: 06-11-2020
1160. Interrelationships among the PIIGS and the north European stock markets before and after the financial crisis: Cointegration and causality analysis
Author: Γιαννακόπουλος, Νικόλαος
Date: 06-11-2020

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