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1041. Experiments with COAP over L2 technologies
Author: Καρδίτσης, Ηλίας
1042. Explainability in machine learning: an application on retail industry
Author: Ανδρεάδης, Γεώργιος, Andreadis, Georgios
Date: 30-11-2022
1043. Explainable machine learning models for credit scoring
Author: Georgiadis, Theofilos, Γεωργιάδης, Θεόφιλος
Date: 07/14/2022
1044. Exploitation of IT research results and the creation of innovation in the context of collaborative Transport R&D projects
Author: Γιαννόπουλος, Αθανάσιος, Giannopoulos, Athanasios
Date: 30-04-2019
1045. Exploratory analysis and estimation using extreme value theory
Author: Kazamias, Panagiotis N.
Date: 09-2004
1046. Exploratory analysis, model selection and checking of structural assumptions in football data
Author: Φλάκας, Ιωάννης Α., Flakas, Ioannis A.
Date: 09-2004
1047. Explore the correlation between tweets and stock price movement
Author: Πέτρου, Άρης, Petrou, Aris
Date: 30-09-2022
1048. Exploring deep learning methods for medical image tagging
Author: Χαραλαμπάκος, Φοίβος-Άγγελος, Charalampakos, Foivos-Angelos
Date: 26-10-2022
1049. Exploring diagnostic captioning methods
Author: Karatzas, Vasilis, Καρατζάς, Βασίλης
Date: 11/09/2021
1050. Exploring evaluation methods for automatically generated summaries
Author: Ξενουλέας, Ευστράτιος, Xenouleas, Efstratios
Date: 12-11-2020
1051. Exploring hedge fund performance during the recent global finanacial crisis
Author: Tsaroucha, Ourania
Date: 07-2013
1052. Exploring information system's potential in the ECR context : developing CMFacts for P&G Europe
Author: Pramataris, Katherine
Date: 09-1996
1053. Exploring innovation and market structure of the global aerospace industry
Author: Drellias, Evangelos
Date: 03/03/2022
1054. Exploring machine learning approaches to decide how to position slot games on a website to maximize performance
Author: Σταύρου, Ανδρέας, Stavrou, Andreas
Date: 14-12-2022
1055. Exploring relationship quality and its antecedents in the social media context: the application of the relational benefits and costs approach
Author: Τσιμόνης, Γεώργιος, Tsimonis, Georgios
Date: 21-04-2016
1056. Exploring short-term herding behavior in the US Corporate Bond Market
Author: Katsarou, Aikaterini-Maria
Date: 21-04-2016
1057. Exploring team cohesion and conflict in entrepreneurial teams during the early venture creation process
Author: Διακαναστάση, Έλλη, Diakanastasi, Elli
Date: 28-07-2023
1058. Exploring the characteristics of a long-lived hedge fund strategy: statistical arbitrage
Author: Παπαγεωργίου, Βασίλειος Α.
Date: 09-2006
1059. Exploring the concept of HR image through line managers’ perception of HRM
Author: Panayotopoulou, Leda, Nikandrou, Irene
Date: 2020
1060. Exploring the effects of Stochastic Gradient Descent variants on Transformer models for Natural Language Processing tasks
Author: Gkouti, Maria-Nefeli, Γκούτη, Μαρία-Νεφέλη
Date: 23-12-2022
1061. Exploring the management policy of hydropower plants in the era of the uncertain energy market
Author: Σακκή, Γεωργία-Κωνσταντίνα, Sakki, Georgia-Konstantina
Date: 30-09-2023
1062. Exploring the potential of Blockchain in insurance industry
Author: Μπατζέλιος, Ηλίας, Batzelios, Ilias
Date: 29-09-2023
1063. Exploring the relationship between ESG performance, profitability of companies, and investors' potential of premium: a machine learning analysis in the US market
Author: Georgiou, Marina, Γεωργίου, Μαρίνα
Date: 12-07-2023
1064. Exploring the relationship between inflation and container freight rates
Author: Μόκα, Ειρήνη, Moka, Eirini
Date: 28-11-2023
1065. Exploring the relationship between investor sentiment and stock returns: evidence from the European Union markets
Author: Anastasiadi, Marilena, Αναστασιάδη, Μαριλένα
Date: 2023
1066. Exploring the relationship between the S&P 500 index options prices and past stock market momentum
Author: Ευθυμιόπουλος, Στέφανος, Efthymiopoulos, Stefanos
Date: 10/31/2021
1067. Exploring the role of design aesthetics in user experience of e-banking services: a cross-generational investigation
Author: Σταματοπούλου, Χριστίνα, Stamatopoulou, Christina
Date: 30-03-2023
1068. Exponential distribution
Author: Stratigos, Grigorios Alexandros
Date: 2015
1069. Export-competiveness, an analysis with Greek export activity
Author: Nikoloudakis, Leonidas
Date: 2015
1070. Extending a Data Integration tool with Ontologies
Author: Fotopoulos, Eleftherios
Date: 2015
1071. Extending maintainability analysis beyond code smells
Author: Tushar, Sharma
Date: 02-05-2019
1072. Exterme value theory for dependent sequences: investing the average cluster size for a Greek stock index
Author: Kallias, George E.
Date: 10-2003
1073. Extrapolating survival curves with applications in health economics
Author: Γαλανάκης, Μιχάλης, Galanakis, Michalis
Date: 15-09-2023
1074. Extreme catastrophic events, valuation of the relevant risks and reserving process under the SOLVENCY ΙI framework for insurance companies
Author: Τσίρμπα, Δήμητρα, Tsirmpa, Dimitra E.
Date: 2021
1075. Eικόνας της μάρκας Ancho Mexican Gril
Author: Νικολοπούλου, Μαρία
Date: 2023
1076. Eμπειρικός έλεγχος του CAPM στην Ελλάδα
Author: Αρβίθας, Ιωάννης
Date: 2023
1077. Eνεργειακή ασφάλεια στην ΕΕ: ενεργειακή πολιτική και εναλλακτικές στρατηγικές
Author: Μιχαλίτση, Δάφνη
Date: 2023
1078. Eξυπηρέτηση πελατών σε βιομηχανικές (B2B) αγορές: μελέτη περίπτωσης της ΚΟΜΙΝΗΣ ΚΩΝ/ΝΟΣ & ΣΙΑ ΟΕ
Author: Κομίνη, Μυρτώ-Σωτηρία
Date: 02-10-2021
1079. Eπιχειρηματική αναλυτική: οπτική αναλυτική στη διαδικασία λήψης αποφάσεων
Author: Μπαζιώτη, Μαρία
Date: 01/29/2020
1080. Eπιχειρησιακές προβλέψεις - μελέτη περίπτωσης στο Πολεμικό Ναυτικό
Author: Αυγέρης, Δημήτριος
Date: 2021

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