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41. Financial performance of listed shipping companies across ROE and ROA and the main determinants of influence
Author: Κουτρουμάνος, Ζαχαρίας, Κατσίμπρας, Μιχαήλ
Date: 01/20/2022
42. Financial press coverage of sell-side equity research reports
Author: Aretopoulou, Dimitra, Αρετοπούλου, Δήμητρα
Date: 2021
43. Financial risk management: Topics on bank's supervision and risk modeling
Author: Koutras, Vasileios
Date: 23-06-2014
44. Financial statement fraud/ Error indicators
Author: Δεδάκη, Αριστέα
Date: 19-08-2016
45. Financing Social Insurance out of premiums or out of income tax
Author: Tinbergen, J.
Date: 1952
46. FinTech & financial markets: an overview
Author: Δημόπουλος, Κωνσταντίνος, Dimopoulos, Konstantinos
Date: 1952
47. Firm Life Cycle and Real-Activity Based Earnings Management in the U.K.
Author: Στυλιανίδης, Σπυρίδων
Date: 1952
48. Firms and international trade: Optimal mode of entering foreign markets
Author: Orfanakou, Polytimi
Date: 20-01-2016
49. First best vs second best πολιτικές σε ένα υπόδειγμα άριστης οικονομικής μεγέθυνσης
Author: Μανούση, Βασιλική
Date: 01-2008
50. First World Conference World Peace Through Law Athens Greece-June 30-July 6 1963
Author: Δερτιλής, Π.Β.
Date: 1965
51. Fiscal and monetary policy in new Keynesian DSGE models
Author: Varthalitis, Petros
Date: 07-2014
52. Fiscal policy and cycles in Greece : positive and normative analysis
Author: Papageorgiou, Dimitris
Date: 04-2009
53. Fiscal policy and macroeconomic performances
Author: Rigas, Panagiotis
Date: 2018
54. Fiscal policy and macroeconomic stabilization in the euro-zone area
Author: Αθανασοπούλου, Αθανασία
Date: 12-2003
55. Fiscal policy in the eurozone and fiscal crisis
Author: Margiolaki, Niki
Date: 12-2003
56. Fiscal policy reforms in a general equilibrium model with imperfections
Author: Miaouli, Natasha, Philippopoulos, Apostolis
Date: 2016
57. Fiscal sustainability of health systems
Author: Smith, Antony
Date: 2016
58. Fitting elliptical curves with application to drivingperformance evaluation
Author: Daletzakis, Antonios, Δαλετζάκης, Αντώνιος
Date: 2016
59. Fleet demolition in the era of Covid-19: a vessel-based logit regression model
Author: Roulia, Elena-Michailina, Ρούλια, Έλενα-Μιχαηλίνα
Date: 2021
60. Following the Tianjin disaster how is the accumulation of risks in ports and cat modelling developing?
Author: Agalliu, Emiljano, Papagiannis, Dimitios
Date: 11/30/2018
61. Football analytics based on player tracking data using interpolation techniques for the prediction of missing coordinates
Author: Κοντός, Χρήστος, Kontos, Christos
Date: 09/10/2021
62. Forecast comparison of SARIMA and Kalman-filter DLM models for seasonal data
Author: Ρουσής, Δημήτριος, Rousis, Dimitrios
Date: 07-2020
63. Forecasting and combination of forecasts for developed economies
Author: Vlachos, Taxiarchis
Date: 12/05/2017
64. Forecasting and control in closed loop supply chains
Author: Γκόλτσος, Αθανάσιος, Goltsos, Athanasios
Date: 02-2020
65. Forecasting bunker prices using a VECM approach
Author: Ταμπραντζή,Γαρυφαλιά, Tamprantzi, Garyfalia
Date: 30-01-2020
66. Forecasting economic series using data reduction methods
Author: Μαργκάς, Κωνσταντίνος, Margkas, Konstantinos
Date: 01-03-2020
67. Forecasting inflation rate: methods of univariate time series forecasting
Author: Karameris, Konstantinos
Date: 05/06/2019
68. Forecasting NBA basketball outcomes and evaluating betting strategies
Author: Papaioannou, George P.
Date: 09-2014
69. Forecasting of economic and financial series
Author: Χαρίτων, Σπυρίδων
Date: 10/04/2021
70. Forecasting procedure in the call centre of a telecommunication company
Author: Tsavdaridou, Despoina P.
Date: 01-2011
71. Forecasting recessions with logistic regression models
Author: Fereti, Loukia-Maria, Φερέτη, Λουκία-Μαρία
Date: 2019
72. Forecasting the Greek yield curve
Author: Σπιροπάλι, Αλέξανδρος, Spiropali, Alexandros
Date: 2022
73. Foreign direct investment decisions under uncertainty
Author: Fakos, Alexandros
Date: 2022
74. Foreign direct investment flows: The effects of the global financial crisis
Author: Tzenerali, Marina
Date: 22-06-2016
75. Foreign Direct Investment from developing to developed countries: the case of China
Author: Karantza, Evgenia
Date: 22-06-2016
76. Foreign direct investment in vertically related markets
Author: Knekna, Maria
Date: 2018
77. Forms of entry in foreign markets
Author: Poulopoulou, Stamatina, Πουλοπούλου, Σταματίνα
Date: 02/13/2019
78. Forward - backward stochastic differential equations with random coeffcients and applications to finance
Author: Kartala, Xanthi-Isidora
Date: 13-07-2016
79. Franchising για αλυσίδα καταστημάτων με αντικείμενο επιδιορθώσεις και καθαρισμός ενδυμάτων/λοιπών αντικειμένων
Author: Κωστάκος, Μιχάλης
Date: 10-2002
80. Fraud detection for internet and mobile banking
Author: Μπουλιέρης, Πέτρος, Boulieris, Petros
Date: 07/08/2020

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