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641. Crime and unemployment in 2010 – 2017: the case of Greece
Author: Tzamakou, Dimitra
Date: 04/08/2019
642. Crime, justice and search models
Author: Mikeli, Vasiliki V.
Date: 02/28/2019
643. Crise monetaire et crise economique a Byzance du XIIIe au XVe sciecle
Author: Zakythinos, D. A.
Date: 1948
644. Crisis communication management and social media
Author: Τσίπη, Ευρυδίκη-Μαρία, Tsipi, Evridiki-Maria
Date: 03/03/2021
645. Crisis management
Author: Θεοφίλου, Αναστάσιος
Date: 31-10-2002
646. Crisis recovery and monetary policy
Author: Zenzefili, Marianna, Ζενζεφίλη, Μαριάννα
Date: 2022
647. Critique of Dr. Kenneth V. Lottich: the role of politics in changing civilizations
Author: Bardis, Panos D.
Date: 1967
648. Critique of two studies dealing with selected americandanishand Greek families
Author: Bardis, Panos D.
Date: 1968
649. CRM συστήματα τραπεζών
Author: Ζέτας, Μενέλαος
Date: 11/01/2019
650. Croissance et programmes d'expansion
Author: Roy, Rene
Date: 1971
651. Crop and weed detection using tensorflow object detection API
Author: Alexis, Konstantinos
Date: 01/01/2019
652. Cross-border mergers and acquisitions: Chinese outward M&A in the European Union
Author: Δάρα, Άννα-Μαρία
Date: 2021
653. Cross-lingual adaptation in automatic speech recognition
Author: Γκούζιας, Θωμάς, Gkouzias, Thomas
Date: 12/04/2021
654. Cross-listing arbitrage opportunities for greek stocks in the german market
Author: Minchev, Radostin
Date: 12-07-2022
655. Cross-market deviations in options prices and credit default swap spreads : evidence from earnings surprises
Author: Ελαιοτριβάρης, Ιωάννης
Date: 07-2013
656. Crowdfunding as an alternative form of financing in Greece and the Euro Area. Institutional framework, alternative forms, and the role of banks
Author: Caushaj, Besarda
Date: 2021
657. Crude oil and natural gas price shocks from 1997 until the COVID-19 pandemic and Russο-Ukrainian war
Author: Ρηγανάκου, Σταματίνα, Riganakou, Stamatina
Date: 17-01-2023
658. Crude oil: trade, determinants of world demand and future prospects
Author: Vlachou, Stamatoula-Marina, Stratakis, Dimitris
Date: 12/07/2021
659. Crypto investments and sentiment
Author: Alexiou, Georgios, Αλεξίου, Γεώργιος
Date: 03-10-2022
660. Crypto price prediction using sentiment analysis of arbitrary Blockchain content
Author: Kleitsikas, Charalampos, Κλειτσίκας, Χαράλαμπος
Date: 31-01-2024
661. Cryptocurrencies and central bank digital currencies
Author: Ταμπουράκης, Μάριος-Γεώργιος
Date: 2022
662. Cryptocurrencies: determinants of ownership and trust on cryptocurrencies
Author: Σαλαπάτα, Δανάη, Salapata, Danai
Date: 11/09/2021
663. Cryptocurrency market: herd behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic
Author: Σκουτέρη, Μιράντα, Skouteri, Miranda
Date: 2021
664. CSR and SME financial performance
Author: Μαγρίζος, Σόλων, Magrizos, Solon
Date: 26-06-2015
665. CSR, ESG και χρηματοοικονομική απόδοση: ο ρόλος της χρηματοοικονομικής χειραγώγησης στον κλάδο παραγωγής τροφίμων
Author: Σακκίδη, Ελένη
Date: 29-09-2022
666. Cultural diversity in shipping industry - the impact on interaction process and performance of crew
Author: Tsapela, Ioanna-Nikolina, Τσαπέλα, Ιωάννα-Νικολίνα
Date: 2021
667. Culture and institutions: the case of family ties and political trust
Author: Papakosta. Iliana, Παπακώστα, Ηλιάνα
Date: 2022
668. Culture, risk-taking and entrepreneurship
Author: Πληθάκης, Ηλίας
Date: 02/03/2022
669. Currency options : pricing and hedging under stochastic volatility
Author: Πασχάλης, Θεόδωρος
Date: 01-2008
670. Current account adjustment and exchange rate regimes
Author: Beteniotis, Filippas P.
Date: 01/25/2018
671. Current account determinants between the Eurozone and the United States
Author: Bertsatos, Gerasimos, Μπερτσάτος, Γεράσιμος
Date: 03/16/2021
672. Customer analysis: the case of an online retailer
Author: Τσούτσα, Μαρία-Ελένη, Tsoutsa, Maria-Eleni
Date: 26-03-2024
673. Customer anti-money laundering detection
Author: Βλάχου, Βασιλική, Vlachou,Vasiliki
Date: 11/21/2019
674. Customer churn rate / attrition rate: prediction of customer loss
Author: Λαφαζανίδη, Αλεξάνδρα, Lafazanidi, Alexandra
Date: 11/10/2019
675. Customer journey στο χώρο του λιανεμπορίου
Author: Μακαρίτη, Μαρία
Date: 21-09-2022
676. Customer responses to non-human customer service agents: a systematic literature review
Author: Angeletou, Evdokia, Αγγελέτου, Ευδοκία
Date: 28-03-2023
677. Customer satisfaction in the online purchasing environment for generation Y in Greece
Author: Litaina, Dimitra, Λίταινα, Δήμητρα
Date: 04/03/2022
678. Customer segmentation based on purchasing behavior using credit & debit cards
Author: Δημοπούλου, Ναταλία, Dimopoulou, Natalia
Date: 04/03/2022
679. Customer segmentation in marketing using classification algorithms and clustering based on RFM analysis
Author: Bartsokas, Nteivint-Pantelis, Μπαρτσώκας, Ντέιβιντ-Παντελής
Date: 07/01/2022
680. Customer segmentation, market basket analysis και recommendation systems ελληνικής πλατφόρμας παραγγελιών, για είδη παντοπωλείου
Author: Δρακάτου, Αμαρυλλίς
Date: 31-03-2023

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