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481. Decision sciences: graduate program
Date: 1999
482. Deep neural networks for information mining from legal texts
Author: Chalkidis, Ilias, Χαλκίδης, Ηλίας
Date: 04/19/2021
483. Deep reinforcement learning for playing games
Author: Nikoloutsopoulos, Sotirios
Date: 10/23/2017
484. Deflationary adjustment processes and the effectiveness of structural reforms in monetary unions
Author: Yannacopoulos, Nicholas A., Demopoulos, George D.
Date: 2016
485. Department of Statistics and Information Science: study guide 1986-1987
Author: Yannacopoulos, Nicholas A., Demopoulos, George D.
Date: 1986
486. Departments
Author: Yannacopoulos, Nicholas A., Demopoulos, George D.
Date: [1965]
487. Der Lehrkorper
Author: Yannacopoulos, Nicholas A., Demopoulos, George D.
Date: [1965]
488. Derivatives pricing and hedging strategies
Author: Μπουλουγούρη, Χριστίνα
Date: [1965]
489. Derivatives pricing and risk management in emissions and electricity markets
Author: Daskalakis, Georgios
Date: [1965]
490. Describing IMF conditionality : the nature, limits, trends and results of IMF conditionality policy through the glass of principal-agent framework
Author: Σχινάς-Παπαδόπουλος, Ορέστης
Date: 01-2011
491. Description and exploration of age specific fertility pattern on the Netherlands, Austria, Bulgaria and Finland
Author: Androutsos, Athanasios
Date: 11-2013
492. Design and development of role-job description : oriented training program for IT professionals in the era of information and communication systems - security training
Author: Kotsikaris, Gregory N.
Date: 12-1998
493. Design and impact assessment of green information systems: the case of energy and carbon management systems in the supply chain
Author: Zampou, Eleni
Date: 2015
494. Design and Implementation of a Multipath Receiver-driven Transport Protocol in a Publish-Subscribe Network
Author: Thomas, Yiannis
Date: 03-2012
495. Design and implementation of matching algorithms using keywords, with application to CV matching
Author: Ματθαίος, Στυλιανός
Date: 03-2012
496. Design of a flexible 3d graphics framework and usage in a video processing system and 3d surface editor
Author: Katsigiannis, Marios
Date: 07-2015
497. Design of an optimal bonus-malus system in automobile insurance
Author: Vrontos, Spyridon D.
Date: 1998
498. Design of electronic services employing gamification: the impact of game elements on user behaviour and motivation
Author: Λουνής, Σταύρος, Lounis, Stavros
Date: 09/28/2017
499. Desktop videoconferencing : τεχνολογία και εφαρμογές
Author: Ραπτάκης, Ιωάννης
Date: 09-1996
500. Destination branding
Author: Γαλατιανού, Παρασκευή
Date: 2020
501. Destination branding για την πόλη της Αθήνας
Author: Δημητρίου, Δημήτριος
Date: 30-09-2019
502. Destination branding και marketing: η περίπτωση του Σουνίου
Author: Κεφαλάς, Στέφανος
Date: 02-07-2020
503. Destination branding: the case of Sitia
Author: Σπυριδάκη, Ιζαμπέλα
Date: 2019
504. Destination branding: μελέτη περίπτωσης: Μιλάνο
Author: Κορομάντζου, Ευαγγελία
Date: 2020
505. Detecting earning management by IPO firms
Author: Παπουτέ, Άννα-Κλειώ
Date: 06-2012
506. Detecting similar fraudulent profiles through betting patterns by utilizing the k-nearest neighbors algorithm
Author: Dagre, Aikaterini, Δαγρέ, Αικατερίνη
Date: 28-11-2019
507. Detection and treatment of outliers in survey data
Author: Mavropoulou, Eleni
Date: 26-10-2015
508. Detection of variance homogeneity violation in mixed effects models
Author: Λάμπρου, Δήμητρα Δ., Lamprou, Dimitra D.
Date: 06/21/2019
509. Detection-classification and/or quantification of torque sensor drifting
Author: Τσομποπούλου, Ευθυμία-Οφηλία, Tsompopoulou, Efthymia-Ofelia
Date: 2019
510. Determinants of economic growth: an empirical analysis in a panel of 28 OECD countries
Author: Tavoularis, Stylianos
Date: 2019
511. Determinants of money demand in Greece 1966 I - 1977 IV
Author: Prodromidis, Kyprianos P.
Date: 1984
512. Determinants of non-performing loans: evidence from Euro-area countries
Author: Anastasiou, Dimitrios
Date: 1984
513. Determinants of profitability in the greek banking system
Author: Ολσιάνα, Γκίτση
Date: 22-11-2011
514. Determinants of youth unemployment and transition from education to work in Greece
Author: Αλεξίου, Μαρία Γ.
Date: 01-2013
515. Deterministic and stochastic claims reserving methods in non-life insurance under Solvency II
Author: Malatanti, Maria, Μαλατάντη, Μαρία
Date: 30-09-2020
516. Developing a platform for virtual data integration in big data environments
Author: Σούλιου, Γεωργία, Souliou, Georgia
Date: 27-03-2020
517. Developing models for determining an optimal asset allocation using machine learning methods
Author: Georgiou, Dimitirs
Date: 12/24/2018
518. Developing resilience and cyber-physical protection capabilities for critical aviation infrastructures
Author: Λύκου, Γεωργία, Lykou, Georgia
Date: 06/14/2021
519. Deviations of Put-Call parity and the Interrelationship between Stock Market and Equity Options Market in Europe
Author: Αγγελόπουλος, Γεώργιος
Date: 06/14/2021
520. DevSecOps: αναλύοντας την ασφάλεια στα πλαίσια των DevOps
Author: Δίπλας, Ιωάννης
Date: 2019

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